Quimicamp - Chlorine Alboral 10 effects tablet 5kg (201205)

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Chlorinated product in tablets for the perfect maintenance of the pool water with Antic-limescale action (is a powerful lime sequestrant), Algicide (fights all types of algae), Bacteriostatic (inhibits bacterial reproduction), Disinfectant (eliminates microorganisms that can produce diseases that can be transmitted in the water ), Clarifying (confers great transparency to the water), PH maintainer (perfectly maintains the PH level stabilized for a longer time), Bactericide (eliminates bacteria from the water), Stabilizer (thanks to its formulation is a great stabilizer of chlorine against UV light), Brightener (gives a high brightness to the water), Flocculant (has a powerful flocculant action).

It is a tablet that dissolves in three distinct phases:

  • First fast-dissolving phase (blue color), which provides an initial shock effect.
  • Second phase (pinkish color), where most of its effects are found.
  • Third phase of slow dissolution (white color), to achieve an optimal maintenance,
    through constant chlorination.
    The use of the product is for application in the pool water glass. Bactericide and Algaecide.
  • It will be of USE FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC when the containers that are handled of the product is less than or equal to 5 kg.
  • It shall be for USE BY PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL, when the containers of the product being handled are greater than 5 kg.

How to use and ddosage

After washing the filter, place 1 tablet in the skimmer every 35m3. Replenish according to consumption (approximately 7 days).

The doses are indicative depending on the temperature, hours of sunshine, number of bathers, amount of organic matter in the water, etc.Keep free chlorine between 0.5 and 1.5 ppm (mg/l).



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