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The importance of pool pumps

In addition to their role in cleaning the water,pool pumps also help to evenly distribute the chemicals used for pool treatment and disinfection.This is especially important to ensure a proper balance of chlorine or other sanitizer levels, as well as pH and alkalinity.

When purchasing pool pumps, it is crucial to consider several factors, such as the size of your pool, the water flow rate required and the power of the pump. It is advisable to choose a pump that fits the needs of your specific pool, as a pump that is too large or too small can negatively affect the performance and efficiency of the purification system.

When choosing the right one, the matter can get complicated, but you should always take into account important criteria such as the pump power, the type of pump, the power supply, the capacity of the filter, and the control panels for the filtration system. 

We know that you have left in your mind that of types of pumps for swimming pools, and there are two: the first of them is the variable speed, and they are a novelty in the market representing a real revolution. It is popular for adapting its speed and consumption to the needs of the pool. 

On the other hand, we have the self-priming pumps, which are the most common in cases of domestic pools. They are called this way because they have the ability to suck the water to take it to the filter and end up pushing it back into the pool.

Buy pool pumps in Brico&Pool

If you have doubts about which pump suits your pool there are filter and pump selection tables by which you can be governed. However, if you have doubts and do not know how to go on with it in Brico&Pool we will be more than happy to help you.

Buying pool pumps has never been so easy, beyond the model or type you have selected, you can count on us to sell you only quality products to make sure you can enjoy your pool not only in a safe way, but also healthy guaranteeing the best water condition. 

Buy pool pumps in Brico&Pool and you will have your order with free shipping before 24/48h.

Buy pool pumps in Brico&Pool and you will have your order with free shipping before 24/48h.