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After we pass the excitement phase, there may be days, or entire seasons, during the year where we do not use our pool. And it's totally fine, thinking about it alternatives have been created to keep them safe, and ensure that their cleanliness lasts.
Thus were born the greenhouses for swimming pools, which in many cases are also referred to as greenhouses. Valve the redundancy, it is a cover that simulates the "greenhouses", completely folding. 
The intention of them is that you can use them to cover your pool in those days, weeks, or months, that will pass without use. The time of year, it does not matter. They'll work in summer, winter, or any other time you need them.
But trust these new accessories and make sure your pool stays in top condition, even as time goes by, while you get ready to put it back to the use it deserves.

Buying pool winterizers
Think, wouldn't you like to cover your pool in the times when you don't use it? after all, it is also a great investment to regularly do the maintenance it needs just because it remains exposed, even if nobody uses it.
That's why winterizers are the ideal solution so you don't have to worry about everything that may be falling into your pool, day or night, covered you will save many cleaning sessions.
We, at Brico & Pool, have only the best for you. We work with the best quality brands. If there is something in our products that does not close you, you have the option to contact us to resolve your question and you can make a purchase being satisfied with the product that you take.

And as if that were not enough, if you decide to buy winterizers for swimming pools right now, with us, shipping will be free of charge. Why wait any longer?