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What is a salt chlorinator? 
Putting a salt chlorinator in your pool should be an option that you should not miss. This device disinfects and treats the water of all types of pools, replacing the chemical chlorine. Thus, you get a much more natural and healthy chlorine.
Among the advantages and benefits that these bring us, we have:

  • Health
  • Environmental
  • Savings
  • Avoid eye and dermatological disorders caused by regular chlorine
  • Double disinfection: bacteria and algae are inhibited, so this device acts as a natural antiseptic for our skin

Its operation is very simple: the pool water passes into the chlorinator and the dissolved salt from this device is transformed into sodium hypochlorite dissolved in the water, becoming a very powerful disinfectant. And even, thanks to the cell, it will generate a free chlorine that does not degrade.

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The salt chlorinator is the best alternative you have both to disinfect and treat the water in your pool. If you were looking for how to say goodbye to chemical chlorine, without losing the quality and healthiness of the water of your pool, now you have the opportunity. 
What the chlorination systems through salt is to disinfect the pool, regardless of whether it is in-ground or above ground, in a much more comfortable and safer way, since it is a treatment based on a more natural chlorine, as healthy.One of the biggest advantages that these systems offer is that both the production of chlorine and pH regulation are automatic. The opposite of the case of chemical chlorine, where you must be adding it periodically. 
Also, did you know that the salt chlorinator system is known for not producing irritation in the eyes, Another strong reason to buy it is that it doesn't damage your hair, nor does it cause those annoying itchy skin, and it won't damage your swimwear either!

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