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UV Disinfection
Every time we have new methods and products that help us to keep the water in our pools in optimal conditions. And, in order to stay at the forefront, it never hurts to know each one of them. This way we can decide intelligently which one is best for us.
Ultraviolet disinfection, also often referred to as UV disinfection, is nothing more than a cutting-edge method that offers you a quick and highly efficient way of eliminating all the microorganisms that infect your pool water. 
One of the biggest advantages is that it saves you the use of chemical reagents in the process. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly disinfection system. This makes it much more attractive to the masses.
Thus, it can be seen as a more physical process than chemical disinfection. Which also creates not having to generate, handle, transport or store those chemicals with a high level of toxicity, which can be dangerous or corrosive. 

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