Salt chlorinator products

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In addition to this, you can do maintenance in a comfortable and safe way, since you will be providing water treatment with a chlorine that among its main features is to be more natural and healthy. 
And it is that, you may have already sensed it, but we are talking about devices that have the ability to transform table salt into chlorine by electrolysis, which already opens the way to many advantages.

We have the ideal salt chlorinator for you!
We have several presentations so you can be sure to take home the one you need according to the characteristics of your pool, and so you do not have to pay more for not finding the ideal one for you.

In Brico & Pool we are known for working with products of the best brands, so you can be sure that any of those you find in our catalog are not only effective, but also of high quality.

If while you are reading its specifications you have any doubt, or you do not know which one to take according to your pool, you can contact us for advice, we will respond as soon as possible.
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