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The reason why some people are not so afraid of the formation of these algae is because they are not harmful to those who bathe in swimming pools, but you should not let them develop because treating them will always be more effective if you start as soon as possible.
And there is no better way to treat them than with an anti-algae for swimming pools that will provide the water with everything it needs to start not only to be cleaned, but to be protected for some time.

We help you not to have problems with algae in your pool!
We at Brico & Pool have the best algaecides and anti-limescale so you can forget about algae, in addition, we have presentations ranging from 5 liters so you can be sure to buy the one that the characteristics of your pool deserves.

But not only we offer you the treatment, that is to say, the algae destroyers, but also the preventive anti-algae so you can eliminate all the possibility that your pool will be affected in the future.
Look at our entire catalog and enter to look at those products that interest you. If you do not understand something in their specifications you do not have to worry because if you contact us we will help you.

Also, when you decide to buy anti-algae for pools with us now you will activate the free shipping policy.