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Among other things you should consider is the type of paint you are acquiring, as they can be either chlorinated rubber or water-based paint, both being good according to the specific needs of the area where it will be applied. 
The truth is that these paints are nothing more than the element that is applied both on the walls and on the pavement of the pools, and have not only the right type is expected, but also with a brand that conveys quality.

Here we have the best of paints for swimming pools!
In Brico & Pool we are characterized by delivering you the best products related to the swimming pool market, working only with top brands that are not only popular, but a guarantee of efficiency and quality.

In addition, we not only offer you paints of various colors, but also crack sealants to ensure that the result will be uniform and that there will be no cracks or reliefs that may compromise the final result.
Inquire among our options, and if you have any questions based on their specifications you have the option to contact us to resolve it, we will respond as soon as possible.
In addition, if you make the decision to buy paints for swimming pools with us now you will activate our free shipping policy, so you do not have to pay more than for the product that you take.