Heat pumps Hayward.

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When talking about Hayward we are referring to more than just equipment, we are talking about a brand that intends to make users' experience with their pools simple and free of any worries. 

Starting from the above, you can appreciate that all their equipment is designed with the intention that they can not only work, but also last, in a smart way, with the intention of keeping their users' pools impeccable, and trouble-free. 

Experience is not a problem for the brand, as they have over 80 years in the market helping people to enjoy those pleasures that come when using state-of-the-art pool equipment made with advanced technology.

For them the goal is that at the end of the day you only have to worry about turning on or off the equipment that will give vitality to your pool.

Buy Hayward heat pumps with us

The Hayward heat pumps are not only designed to fulfill their function, which is to regulate the pool water temperature no matter what the weather is like or what time of year you are going through. 

These products go much further, something we can appreciate not only for their functionality, which allows to reduce operating and maintenance costs, but also to adapt perfectly to the environment so as not to hinder the garden. 

Here at Brico & Pool we have the best of the catalog of Hayward with the intention that you can find the ideal model for you. If you have any questions while reading their specifications you also have the option to contact us to assist you in making a wise choice. 

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