Aquark Salt Chlorinators

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Discover the revolutionary brand of salt chlorinators: Aquark. With two innovative models that combine cutting-edge technology and convenience, Aquark is leading the way to a smarter, healthier pool experience.

  1. 1 .- Aquark: Advanced Technology for Your Pool Immerse yourself in innovation with Aquark, the brand that is redefining the way you care for your pool. Our salt chlorinators incorporate the latest technologies to ensure efficient disinfection and crystal clear water.

  2. 2 .- Total Control from your Smartphone Imagine controlling your pool's water quality from the convenience of your smartphone? With Aquark, this vision becomes reality. Our salt chlorinators are equipped with remote control functions via an intuitive app. Adjust chlorine levels, monitor water temperature and receive personalized alerts, all with just a few taps on your mobile device.

  3. 3 .- Two Exceptional Models, One Clear Choice Aquark features two exceptional models, each designed to meet the specific needs of your pool. Whether you have a small backyard pool or an Olympic pool, Aquark has the perfect solution for you. Discover the model that fits your requirements and transform your pool maintenance experience.

  4. 4 .- Energy Efficiency and Sustainability At Aquark, we are committed to sustainability. Our salt chlorinators not only provide efficient disinfection, but are also environmentally friendly. With a focus on energy efficiency, Aquark helps reduce your ecological footprint while keeping your pool in optimal condition.

  5. 5 .- Simple Installation, Extraordinary Results Installation of Aquark salt chlorinators is quick and easy. You don't need to be a pool expert to enjoy the benefits of our technology. Follow the simple instructions and start experiencing a cleaner, healthier pool in no time.

At BricoandPool, we are excited to offer you the latest in salt chlorinator technology. Discover the Aquark range and take your pool experience to the next level - buy today and immerse yourself in Aquark excellence!