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What are swimming pool accessories?
Swimming pool accessories serve to embellish this space, but they are also very easy to use, that is to say, swimming pool accessories, as well as being aesthetic, are functional.

There are a large number of showers for all types of pools, with the option of sprinklers and solar showers. We are backed by the best brands and we have the latest developments from Formidra, Astralpool and Productos Qp, which allow us to offer guaranteed quality.
In addition to showers, we also have a wide range of ladders and lighting for the pool, among many other accessories, which will perfectly complement the bathing area.
All these elements, in addition to spare parts for swimming pools will provide your pool safety, wellness and ease of maintenance.

Buy pool accessories at Brico&Pool
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Discover the benefits of pool products and how to maximise your aquatic experience.

How to improve your pool maintenance with salt chlorinators?
In our ecommerce, we offer you a wide selection of swimming pool products, including salt chlorinators. Did you know that salt chlorinators are a safer and more economical alternative to keep your pool water clean and disinfected? Through a process of electrolysis, these devices convert salt into natural chlorine, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. With our salt chlorinators, you can enjoy a crystal clear pool without irritating your skin or eyes.

Advantages of removable pools: comfort and versatility.
If you are looking for a practical and versatile option to enjoy the summer, above ground pools are the perfect choice.
These pools offer the advantage of being easy to install and dismantle, allowing you to have your own oasis anytime, anywhere. In addition, their variety of sizes and designs adapt to different spaces and needs. Enjoy refreshing moments with family or friends, without the need for expensive and permanent construction.

What are pool filters and why are they essential for clean water?
Pool filters are key devices for keeping the water in optimal conditions. Our B&P shop offers a wide selection of pool filters, from traditional sand filters to the most advanced cartridge systems.
These filters retain particles and dirt, ensuring crystal clear water in your pool. With our quality filters, you can enjoy a pleasant and healthy aquatic experience.

Pool pumps: power and efficiency for a constant flow of water.
Pool pumps are essential to maintain a constant flow of water, ensuring optimal circulation and filtration. In our ecommerce, we offer a wide range of high quality pool pumps. These pumps are powerful and efficient, ensuring optimum performance and lower energy consumption. Enjoy a pool that is always clean and in perfect condition thanks to our state-of-the-art pool pumps.

Explore our external pool materials: quality and durability.
In our ecommerce, you will also find a selection of external pool materials that will complement your experience. From sturdy and safe pool ladders to protective covers, we offer high quality and durable products. These external materials guarantee your comfort and in some cases even more fun in this fun place.
We also have spare pool parts for these complementary elements or accessories.
In addition, if you have any questions about any of the items in our online shop, remember that we have fully personalized customer service.