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The hygiene of the water in our pools should never be negotiable. Keeping it in optimal conditions will not only make us live a better experience, but we avoid reactions in our body by bacteria or microbes that can lodge there. 
But, we all know how annoying it is to enter a pool that looks impeccable and, after a while, get out of there with irritated eyes. It is something that can condition all the fun we were going to have!

That is why the bromine for pools acts as an alternative to chlorine, being able to disinfect the water of our pools effectively and offering the advantage that does not produce irritation in our eyes.It is a chemical that is able to treat the water against bacteria, fungi or viruses, and also effectively remove all those organic impurities by carrying out an oxidation process.

Buy bromine for swimming pools with us
The biggest problem with using chemicals in our pools has to do with the reactions they cause in us when we dive. From irritated eyes, to worn out swimwear.
Bromine is a solution to continue relying on chemicals, and their safety to clean our pools, without suffering any of the reactions we should expect when we use chlorine, for example.
Here, in Brico & Pool, we have a wide catalog of products that will help you treat your pool water. And if you do not understand the specifications of any of them, you can contact us directly to help you clear the doubts before you buy.
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