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The pH regulator, or controller, as it is also often called, is nothing more than a product that is used when you want to bring the pH levels of our pools to those within the "normal" range.In the market we can find two types of pH regulators, which are the following: 
1. Those that are used when the pH of the pools must be raised (i.e., when the pH level is below 7.2). 
2. Those that are used when you need to lower the pH of your pools (i.e. when the pH level is above 7.6). 
Thus, as you may already suspect, you need to make sure that the pH level of your pool is always maintained between 7.2 and 7.6. If not, you will need to turn to one of these products to correct the measurement.

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The first step we always say is to measure the pH of our pools. That way we can know if what we need is to raise it, lower it, or, why not, it is within normal parameters.
The important thing to know is that you should never use the two together. The correct instruction is that they should always be used according to the unique conditions of each pool. 
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