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Why buy Pool Cleaners?

Pool cleaners are a quick and effective way to clean the pool, making them a must-have. There are two types of pool cleaners, electric and hydraulic, both with the same purpose but with different operation.

  • Electric pool cleaners work thanks to an electric power source,either connected to the mains or via rechargeable batteries and are able to clean the bottom, walls, steps and even the waterline of your pool, Great!
  • Hydraulic pool cleaners are more economical, and do not use electric power, but hydraulic power. They clean mainly the dirt from the bottom, although some models can also clean the walls and even the water line. 

Buy pool cleaners at Brico&Pool

At Brico&Pool you can find a wide catalog of all types and prices of pool cleaners. Great brands like Zodiac, Dolphin, BWT or Hayward are here to help you with your pool maintenance, Great!

The advantage of being able to buy a pool cleaner robot for your pool with all the guarantee, from a company expert in pools and accessories.

The shipping of all pool cleaners, both electric and hydraulic is totally free, free shipping to any corner of Spain Spain!