Astralpool Salt Chlorinators

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If you ask a professional about the brand, they are sure to appreciate the breadth and depth of its range of products, as well as the quality that characterises them. Choosing products from this brand is more than just a good choice, it is a guarantee of satisfaction.
In this brand's catalogue you will find a wide variety of products specifically designed for water control and management. From filtration and pumping systems to automation and control devices, they offer complete solutions to keep the water in swimming pools and other aquatic spaces in optimal conditions.

Astralpool salt chlorinators
In addition, the brand also has a line of chemical products that are essential for disinfection and water maintenance. These products ensure that the water is free of bacteria and unwanted microorganisms, providing a safe and healthy environment for users.
One of the outstanding products of this brand are the Astralpool salt chlorinators. These devices represent an innovation in the method of disinfecting pool water.

  • Unlike traditional chlorine, salt chlorinators use salt to generate chlorine in an automatic and controlled way, thus eliminating the need to handle aggressive chemicals. This is not only safer for users, but also helps maintain water quality without compromising its chemical balance.
  • In addition to the health and safety benefits, choosing Astralpool salt chlorinators can be a more economical choice in the long term. Although the initial investment may be higher than buying conventional chlorine products, salt chlorinators require less maintenance and provide a constant supply of chlorine, reducing long-term costs.

In the brand's product catalogue, you will find different options of Astralpool salt chlorinators to suit your needs and the characteristics of your pool. 
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Guaranteed quality and efficiency in water treatment
The Astralpool brand stands out for its commitment to quality and efficiency in water treatment. Its products have been developed to the highest standards and using cutting-edge technology to guarantee optimum results.
Astralpool salt chlorinators are precision-engineered to provide effective and safe disinfection of pool water. They use an electrolysis process to convert salt into chlorine, eliminating the need to add additional chemicals. This automated system allows you to maintain consistently adequate chlorine levels, without sudden fluctuations that can affect water quality.
In addition, these salt chlorinators are equipped with advanced control and monitoring technology, making them easy to operate and ensuring efficient operation. You can program and adjust chlorine levels according to your specific needs, giving you greater control over the maintenance of your pool.
The brand also cares about the environment, so its salt chlorinators are designed to be environmentally friendly. By using salt as the main source of chlorine, dependence on aggressive chemical products is reduced and the negative impact on the aquatic ecosystem is minimised.