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What are the characteristics of heat pumps?
The best solution for heating your swimming pool are both heat pumps and reversible heat pumps. These heat pumps use the heat contained outside via an evaporator to replace the water in the pool. This works as a cycle with the processes of evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion of the fluid.
Actually, these pumps have many benefits:

  • They heat up spaces, thus producing greater comfort.
  • They make use of renewable energy sources (air, water or land), so the costs are low.
  • They are more efficient in terms of transporting thermal energy.
  • They make use of all types of waste energy.
  • It is an advanced and mature technology, so it is completely reliable.
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Functionality all year round

    At BricoandPool we have a wide range of products from high quality brands such as Astralpool and Poolstar. Different sizes, different products, five brands that stand out in the manufacture of this product.
    For example, the Poolex Silverline range is compatible with all pools thanks to its Mitsubishi multi-frequency compressor and variable fan, which make the pumps the most powerful on the market, as well as the quietest. Others even have WiFi technology for easier operation and can be used via smartphone. 
    We have all types of pumps, from basic to top of the range, allowing our customers to choose the pump that best suits their pool and their budget, so you won't regret buying this device for your pool!