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BWT has earned its place in the market by demonstrating that they not only have a clear mission, but also that they understand it perfectly: to develop the best water treatment products and services. 

And, although water is their main focus, they also manage well enough in other areas such as hygiene, safety and the health of people who are in contact with water on a daily basis. 

The BWT products are always hand in hand with innovation because the brand maintains a continuous research, which allows them to develop new and better solutions.

Their slogan is "For you and the blue planet", which relates not only to the intention to meet your needs as a customer, and user of their products and systems, but also those of the planet, keeping in harmony with nature.

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The BWT heat pumps are among the systems you should try if what you are looking for is to enjoy a good temperature in your pool water, no matter the weather conditions, or the time of the year.

They are not only designed to fulfill the basic functions, but also to ensure an efficient consumption and a design that will adapt perfectly to your spaces.

Here at Brico & Pool we have a catalog with the best of the brand, so that it is easy for you to find the model that best suits your needs. We also have the option of assistance in your purchase, being able to contact us at any time you need it.

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