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If you do not know what is an aerothermal system let's start by telling you that it is heat pumps last generation that are designed with the intention that provide cooling in summer, heating when winter comes, and hot water throughout the year.

Their method of operation is simple: they extract ambient energy that is contained in the air temperature, even when the temperature is below 0, and what they do is transfer it either to the room or to running water through a thermodynamic cycle that uses a refrigerant gas compressed at low temperatures. 
Of course, having one of these systems in homes is a luxury that we can not miss. It is to have what would be colloquially called an "all in one" to ensure that the atmosphere of our home is pleasant throughout the year, and also no one should have an annoying cold shower in the mornings.

Aerothermal systems are a great investment
Buying an aerothermal system may seem expensive when thinking about the electricity bill, but you should know that it consumes less energy compared to traditional heating systems. 
In addition, it is renewable energy for a sustainable system (classified as such by the European Union). Another benefit is that they are systems that do not require much maintenance, and neither produce combustion, so no fumes or waste. 

It is a perfect opportunity to make the whole house run on electricity, without the need to hire gas or fuel supplies, even hot water will be at low cost.
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