Swimming pool water treatment plant huts

Active filters

Pool filtering huts
Pool filtering huts are made of fiber, polyester or PVC. They are really the best option to protect the filtration equipment, so the life of your pool with this house is assured.

In its interior we find the entire filtration system and water purification, to remove all types of waste that have been mixed with the environment. We recommend that you use them during the day, as this is the time when algae can accumulate, there are bathers and the water degrades more easily.
Their most notable advantages are:

  • They keep in a single space all the mechanism for the purification of your pool water
  • Easy access and from a single place
  • There are three types: Buried, semi-buried or above ground.

These huts are small in size and there are generally two types to avoid minimal impact on space: buried or above ground.

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