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Salt chlorinators Productos QP
Productos QP defines itself as a pioneering company in the manufacture of chemical products and equipment, not only for the disinfection and care of swimming pool water, but also for the construction of swimming pools. 
Their goal is to offer both professionals and users everything they need to guarantee the use and enjoyment of their swimming pools. That is why year after year they introduce new lines of business, in order to offer a much more complete range. 
Their experience of more than 50 years in the market supports them, today they not only cover the entire Iberian Peninsula, but they continue to grow and broaden their horizons by exporting their products, especially to Europe and North America.
Their philosophy is based on quality and innovation, which is why all the products they manufacture and sell do not fall below this standard. 

Buy salt chlorinators QP Products
The QP Products salt chlorinators are among the products that have been certified by the Quality Management System. An important milestone, as it speaks for how much can be expected from them.
With them you can start to save yourself from working with so many chemicals to treat your pool water, and start to enjoy it, no matter the time of year, in a much healthier way.
In Brico & Pool we find it important that you are clear about what you are taking home, so if you have any questions regarding the product you can always contact us for advice at any time of purchase.
Also, if you decide to buy QP Products salt chlorinators right now, with us, you will be entering into our free shipping policy. Are you really going to miss out?