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Keeping our pools in optimal conditions no longer has to be a great challenge. With so many products on the market, it is increasingly easy to find one that will help us to maintain hygiene at its peak at any time of the year. 
The oxygen for swimming pools, which is also called active oxygen, or hydrogen peroxide, is nothing more than a disinfectant that, upon contact with water, releases oxygen and oxidizes organic matter. 
This makes its activity stops on the spot, and thus can be eliminated without leaving any residue. By many, it is named as the most effective natural disinfectant, surpassing even what chlorine does, for example. 
So, it is a chlorine-free alternative, which will help you disinfect your pool water in an environmentally friendly way. This thanks to the fact that it does not have any kind of added chemicals. 

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Natural solutions for the maintenance of our pools are at the forefront. Nowadays, we don't have to expose ourselves to the damage caused by chemical-based products, such as chlorine, for example, to enjoy clean water.

Forget about red eyes, itchy skin, damaged hair and even swimwear. Try natural products, which will give you ecological cleanliness, and you will notice the difference.
Here in Brico & Pool we handle an extensive catalog, so you can take a look and, if you do not understand something in their specifications, you always have the option to contact us to assist you in your buying process.
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