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Innowater salt water chlorinators
Innowater is officially defined as an international electrochlorination company, which is dedicated to the development and manufacture of salt chlorination systems and control equipment for water treatment.Its water treatment solutions are based on salt chlorination, and its control equipment is currently used in a large number of sectors, including agriculture, livestock and swimming pools. In addition to offering solutions, it is a company that aims to educate its customers to be exemplary consumers of its products. Touching sensitive issues such as water care, and how to conserve it, especially in days of drought.
The brand was born in 2010, but since then its goal of developing and manufacturing salt chlorination equipment has been successfully fulfilled, always ensuring the highest quality for swimming pools in the different water treatment processes.

Buy Innowater salt chlorinators
The Innowater salt chlorinators are the perfect solution for those people who want to forget about bad hair, red eyes, or the fabric of their swimsuits worn out by the constant exposure to the chemicals with which the water is treated.
They are the perfect opportunity to take with you an effective system, at a fair price, from a brand that will help you to be not only the best customer, but also the best user so you can enjoy your pool at any time of the year.
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