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Bayrol Salt Chlorinators

Bayrol salt water chlorinators
When it comes to experts in the field of water treatment for pools and spas, we can not stop talking about Bayrol. With more than 65 years of experience in the market, they are one of the brands that can openly say that they are proud of their history.
They put their vocation at the service of each of their customers, with the intention of being able to offer them simple, safe and effective water treatment solutions.
The brand was founded in 1927, but at that time they were only a company dedicated to the marketing of cutting-edge products within the cleaning and disinfection of beer vats.
It was not until 1955 that they made the decision to focus their activity on the treatment of swimming pool water, and since then they have established themselves as a pioneering group in the field. 

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The Bayrol salt chlorinators have served as inspiration for many other manufacturers who are constantly seeking to improve their products. They are a clear example of what is the highest quality, at the right price.

Not only manipulate them is simple, but also guarantee you safety as a user so you can enjoy your pool at any time of year without any side effects.
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