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If it's easier for you to rely on brands with years of experience, you'll be pleased to hear from Gre, which has been providing a wide range of products for over 50 years, always aiming for innovation. 

Among its products we can find aboveground pools of different formats and finishes, a complete line of accessories for their equipment and maintenance, as well as a series of chemical products that were specifically designed for use in swimming pool water.

The intention of the brand is to meet the needs of its users, and it is something that can already be verified by taking a look at what are the Gre heat pumps, well known for their efficiency. 

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Bear in mind that, in more or less simple words, the operation of the heat pumps is that of a reverse air conditioner. Since they have been designed to generate a heat exchange in the environment. 

They are responsible for extracting the air from the outside in order to use it to heat the water in the pool, gradually and without depending on the weather or the season of the year. 

Here at Brico & Pool we have the best models of the catalog of Gre, so that you can comfortably take a look at them and choose assertively which one meets the needs of your pool.

If there is something you do not understand in their specifications, you have the option to contact us directly to clarify your doubts, so you can take the ideal product home.

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