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What is a selector valve and why have one?

To help you learn more about them: A selector valve is a basic component of sand filters that helps in the water purification of residential pools. Thanks to its top handle, it makes it possible to conveniently select the exact function at any given moment. 

Do you not know what moments we are talking about, you see, in filtration, emptying, closing, washing, recirculation and rinsing. In some cases these elements are also referred to as multi-way valves, as their internal design allows them to distribute the water between the various inlets and outlets.

The connections of the selector valves are the selector lever, connection of the sectoral valve to the drain, connection of the valve to the pump, connection of the valve to the drive, inlet of the pool water to the filter and the outlet of the pool water to the filter. 

If you are wondering how much you need them, you should know that they are indispensable elements when it comes to pool filtration. They are tools that can even be automated to go from filtration to washing and then to rinsing once the filter is dirty, so they are functional. 

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