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Why choose Bombas Saci?
Bombas Saci S.A. is a Spanish company with more than 40 years of experience. It was founded in Barcelona in 1976, and since then it has been expanding with the intention of offering its products, manufactured to the highest quality standards, to as many customers as possible.
Today, their products are not only available in Spain, they are officially available in more than 85 countries. They have the challenge of developing and strengthening their presence around the world, positioning their brand at the highest level in terms of quality, innovation and service.
Bombas Saci are innovators par excellence within their sector, and this can be seen by looking at some of the equipment they have developed and which today are taken as benchmarks in the market at an international level, both in terms of their pumps and their energy efficiency optimisation and installation control systems.
Their pool pumps are a benchmark, and buying one of them will ensure years of worry-free operation in terms of breakdowns and problems.
One of the key values of Bombas Saci is the quality of all its products, as all the materials and components they use are of the highest quality and of national and European origin, also implementing a test at the end of its production line to verify 100% of its production, certifying the highest quality standard and being able to guarantee total satisfaction to each and every one of its customers.
Respect for the environment is also something they care about. Their development department works daily to reduce the electrical consumption of the equipment they manufacture, without losing any of its performance.

Difference between single-phase and three-phase current
In addition, one of the most notable characteristics is the type of current included in these pumps. We have two types, single-phase and three-phase, which are very different:

  • Single-phase power: it only has one phase and has an alternating current. It ranges from 220 to 230 volts.
  • Three-phase power: it has three phases and three alternating currents (RST) and a voltage of 380.

Buying Saci Pumps is a wise decision, not only do they care for the environment, they care for the satisfaction of each of their customers with the highest quality products, pumps and much more.