Poolex heat pumps

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When we talk about Poolex we refer to equipment designed for professionals, based on their hard work in research, as well as their great internal development, which results in a powerful premium range. Their roots of innovation are to be found in technologies used in other sectors from which they have drawn inspiration. And it is precisely this that has led them to perfect their know-how to offer models with higher performance...

Poolex heat pump is designed with the latest technology, adapting to the greatest environmental difficulties, to ensure that the experience the user has when installing it does not drop below a solid 10.

It's time to try the majesty of a good heat pump!

Each of its models includes the Full Inverter technology, as well as currently using the new R32 gas with the intention of offering a higher quality of service in all circumstances. 

Among the other new features that have been added to its models are the LED and wifi systems, to not only make sure it is much easier to handle, but also to understand. 

By buying Poolex heat pumps you're staying on the cutting edge of technology, but you're also opting for options that are more economical and quieter for you, to ensure they do their job without causing any havoc.

We at Brico & Pool have taken it upon ourselves to open up several purchasing options for you. Read the features of each model to find the ideal one for your pool, and if you do not understand something just contact us to help you.

Plus, the shipping will be free of charge if you make your purchase now. Delivery times are also crazy