Quimicamp - Quimcolor tablet 5 effects 5kg (201805)

Referencia: 201805 Categoría: chlorine-for-swimming-pool
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Chlorinated stabilized product in tablets for the complete treatment of swimming pool water with Disinfectant, Algaecide, Flocculant, Anti-Limescale and Water pH Maintainer action.

Special for the treatment of pools with very hard or difficult water.

Thanks to its disinfectant and bactericidal action it helps to keep the pool water in perfect condition, disinfected, continuously, eliminating by oxidation bacteria or organic matter that may be in the water. Together with the algaecide it contains, it prevents and eliminates the formation of algae in the water; due to its flocculant action, it helps to coagulate suspended matter, organic matter..., which are subsequently eliminated by filtration, thus leaving clear and transparent water. It contains an anti-lime component, which helps to prevent the formation of calcareous incrustations that may appear on the walls or bottom of the pool, making it a highly recommended product for pools with hard, very hard or difficult water. With the stabilizing action of the pH we will get to have a stable pool and prolong the effective action of chlorine.

The use of the product is for application in the pool water glass. Bactericide and Algaecide.

      • It will be of USE FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC when the containers handled of the product is less than or equal to 5 kg.
      • It shall be for USE BY PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL, when the containers of the product being handled are greater than 5 kg.

How to use and ddosage

After washing the filter, place the corresponding tablets in the skimmers, or in the pump prefilter if a fast action is desired, and replenish according to consumption (6-7 days).

The dosage varies according to the size of the tablet: 1 tablet of 250g per 35 m3 or 2 tablets of 200 g per 50 m3

Doses are indicative depending on temperature, hours of sunshine, number of bathers, amount of organic matter in the water, etc.Keep free chlorine between 0.5 and 1.5 ppm (mg/l).

In very hard water, treatment can be reinforced by adding 2l per 50 m3 of QUIMICAL PS at the start of the pool.


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