HAYWARD - Max Flo XL VSTD Pump (Variable Speed)

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Modelo bomba : Hayward - Max Flo XL VSTD (1cv)
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What is a variable speed pool pump?

A variable speed pool pump allows you to operate at a wide variety of speeds adapting to the needs of your pool. They have a permanent magnetic motor that allows this function.

In contrast, classic pumps only have a linear speed so the energy expenditure will always be the same regardless of the level of water cleanliness or how much the pool is used.

Variable speed pool pumps are much more economical and quieter than classic pool pumps.

Max Flo XL VSTD Pump (variable speed) - HAYWARD

This is a Hayward brand variable speed pump for residential pools up to 65 m³. It has an integrated control module and high energy efficiency.

Energy savings of up to 85% compared to a traditional filtration pump. It is also extremely quiet.

It is available in 1 hp or 1.5 hp single-phase models.

Pump features

These are some of the most notable features of the Max Flo XL VSTD pump:

  • It is extremely quiet. Its sound levels make it imperceptible to the human ear.
  • Leader in energy savings. It is capable of saving up to 85% in electricity consumption.
  • Reducing emissions. Up to one ton of CO2 per year compared to single-speed pumps.
  • Longer service life. By working 95% of the time at low speeds.
  • The most efficient solution. A new concept of pool pump. The Hayward Max-Flo XL VSTD variable speed pump allows you to adjust the operation of the pump according to the needs of the installation and the user himself, Increasing and reducing the speed of the pump, not only modify the speed and flow rate, but also the energy consumption.
  • Integrated control module. It has an integrated backlit control knob that reports the operating RPM and its current status.
  • Leader in energy savings. Hayward variable speed pumps allow you to select the most appropriate motor speed to work in lower flow conditions when necessary. By halving the pump speed and flow rate, energy consumption is reduced by more than 85%.
  • Quieter. Sound level 75% lower than a single-speed pump, making it one of the quietest pumps on the market today.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions. We demonstrate our commitment to the sustainability of our planet, as the Hayward Max-Flo XL VSTD reduces environmental impact, saving up to one ton of CO2 annually compared to traditional single-speed pool pumps.
  • Longer life. With variable speed pumps, you not only get an increase in the service life of the pump, but also of the other technical components installed in the pool (e.g.: purifier, pipes, etc.). 95% of the activity performed by a pump is filtration, so 95% of the time it will be operating at low speeds. Filters, seals and pump gaskets have lower wear and consequently a longer service life.

Max Flo XL VSTD comparison table

Model Max Flo XL VSTD 1hp. Max Flo XL VSTD 1.5hp.
Code SP2310VSTD SP2315VSTD
Power Cv 1 1.5
Power supply V 220 V - Single-phase
Flow rate m3/h 16.5 m3/h 18.2 m3/h
Amperage A 3.6 4


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