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Saci Pumps - Optima Fon swimming pool pump

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Modelo bomba : Saci - Optima Fon 50M (0,5cv)
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What are pool pumps?

They are a key and indispensable element for the pool, as they are part of the filtration system. Their main function is to suck the dirty water from the pool and send it to the integrated filter to ensure a complete cleaning. It allows to clean impurities from the water before returning it back to the pool thanks to its circular operation.

Another function of the pool pump is to clean the filter regularly to avoid any risk of clogging. A clogged filter does not effectively perform its water filtration function.

Optima Fon pool pump

It is a self-priming electric pool pump. It has a built-in pre-filter of large dimensions, which together with the hydraulic characteristics, generates a very high filtration capacity. Its filter with transparent polycarbonate cover allows to easily observe the inside of the pre-filter basket. Electrical communication with the water is impossible, since no part of the motor is in contact with the liquid.

Features of the pool pump

  • Pool pump body, seal disc and diffuser in polypropylene resistant to the chemical products used in swimming pools. Its fiberglass reinforcement guarantees long life.
  • Shaft in AISI-316 stainless steel. Turbine in Noryl.
  • Transparent polycarbonate cover with knob closure system.
  • High-strength aluminum support base.
  • Mechanical closure in carbon-ceramic and stainless steel AISI-316.
  • Screws in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • The bamba allows two types of connections: 1 1/2" female-thread connection; Connection for 50 PVC pipe to be glued.
  • Scrubber motor: Asynchronous motor, closed with external ventilation. Degree of protection IP-55. 50 Hz. Insulation class. Motor bearings lubricated for life, and selected to ensure long life.

Technical Specifications

Code 36106022 3610606032 3610606042 36106052
Power Supply V 230V / Mono 230V / Mono 230V / Mono 230V / Mono
H m.c.a 14 16 17 19
Flow rate m3/h 7 10 13 14.5
Water connection Ø(mm.) 50 mm.

Table of weight and dimensions

Kg. mm.
OPTIMA FON 50M 230V / Mono 8.5 191 201 470 285 95 233 140 180 265 197
OPTIMA FON 75M 230V / Mono 9.9 191 201 470 285 95 233 140 180 265 197
230V / Mono 9.9 191 201 470 285 95 233 140 180 265 197
230V / Mono 10.6 191 201 470 285 95 233 140 180 265 197



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