Zodiac - Hydraulic pool cleaner for pools up to 9x5m W70674 T3 DUO

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What is a hydraulic pool cleaner?

Hydraulic pool cleaners are suction-operated pool cleaners. They are installed inside the pool's filtration system and are powered by the pump. They work by capturing debris through the suction effect, which is then stored in the pump's pre-filter.


Advantages of using hydraulic pool cleaners

  • They are affordable and easy to use
  • They do not require a lot of maintenance
  • No need for cables in the pool and no power sockets nearby
  • They do not have many elements that can wear out or break down, so they have a long life span.

Zodiac T3 DUO hydraulic pool cleaner

This hydraulic pool cleaner is the most basic model in the range of Zodiac hydraulic pool cleaners. Suitable for small sized pools, both removable with rigid walls and in-ground, provided that they have a maximum size of 9 x 5 m).
It works through a connection to the pool's filtration system, at the pool cleaner's inlet or directly at the skimmer. It is important that the ph is well regulated as the power of the pump is important.


Characteristics of this product

  • Dia Cyclone diaphragm: 40% more powerful suction.
    Twist Lock hoses: connection without loss of suction.
    Disc with fins for increased mobility
  • Hose length: 10 x 1 m sections
  • Anti-blocking deflector disc for increased mobility
  • Anti-blocking deflector disk to avoid stairs or angles
  • Operation: swimming pool filtration circuit
  • Power requirement of ½ HP
  • Power requirement of ½ hp
  • Cleaning coverage of 30 cm
  • Travelling speed of 6.5 m/min
  • Power source: filter unit
  • Power source: pool filtration equipment
  • Power source: pool filtration equipment
  • Installed on the cleaner intake or on the skimmer
  • Random displacement
  • Sucks up fine and medium debris

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