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SFA - Sanicondens Clim Mini S

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SFA evacuation systems

A sanitary grinder or evacuation pump, is a device that allows to grind and evacuate wastewater in a different way than the traditional one, which would be through 100 mm diameter pipes. With this machine, solid elements can be converted into liquids thanks to the grinding process, which then leads the waste to the downspout.

The shredders contain blades that shred the waste into fine particles, after which a turbine pumps the resulting liquid, propelling the waste into the downspout.

Thanks to this system, the mass that has been shredded is moved to the general downspout or wherever a septic tank is located. By having a grinder, the evacuation pipe can be narrower and is very useful when there is not enough space to place a downpipe between 100 and 110 mm in diameter.

It is important to keep in mind that a grinder can have as many inputs as elements need to be connected, so before choosing grinders it is necessary to plan how many mechanisms will be connected due to the fact that an input is required for each element.


The small dimensions allow the installation of the sensing block directly inside the split tray. The pump-block can thus be concealed inside a gutter or directly in a false ceiling.

The condensate enters by gravity into the equipment's sensing block. It has a float which, when the condensate enters, rises and sends a signal to the pump-block to start operation. The pump-block sucks the condensate, the detection buoy goes down again and when the motor stops, the equipment is ready for a new evacuation cycle.

It has a very discreet operation, with a sound level of only 21 db(A).


  • Power supply voltage - 220-240 V
  • Protection rating - IP20
  • Sound level - 21 dB(A)
  • Maximum vertical offset - 6 m
  • Maximum flow rate - 9L/h (+/- 15%)
  • Inlet diameter - 16 mm
  • Evacuation diameter - 6 mm
  • Maximum inlet water temperature - 35 °C
  • Power frequency - 50 Hz
  • Maximum absorbed power - 22 W
  • Maximum suction (between sensing unit and pump) - 2m

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