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Astralpool - System VRAC Basic III Automatic Selector Valve 1½

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Automatic pool valves Astralpool

The Astralpool brand, is entirely dedicated to the manufacture of swimming pool material. With more than 30 years of experience in the swimming pool sector, Astralpool has one of the largest ranges of products for swimming pools. From pool cleaners to chemical products, the brand has all kinds of material for your needs. Characterized by high quality products.

At Brico&Pool we are distributors of Astralpool and our technical team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Astral products or your pool 

Features of the Multiport series

    The need for innovation in the swimming pool world has led AstralPool to develop a range of automatic selector valves capable of replacing traditional manual valves.

    With a simple programming of the integrated keypad (Basic and Flat models), the system will allow you to obtain a fully automatic operation of your pool, leaving you time to enjoy it and relax.

    To obtain water in optimal conditions for swimming, the filtration system must work properly on a daily basis and with the filter washes required at all times. Otherwise, the water can spoil and lose its good conditions, making it impossible to bathe and causing having to assume the expense of refilling the pool or its recovery with chemical products. For all these reasons, AstralPool has developed this new range of automatic selector valves that allow the user to completely forget about the problem of filtering their pool.

    Models The "System Vrac" family of valves consists of the Basic and Flat models. System Vrac Basic valves comply with the two most common filter connection sizes, 1 ½" and 2", both in side mount position. The System Vrac Flat valve is available with 1 1/2" connection in top and side mount versions. The side versions are supplied with unassembled strainer connection fittings.


    • Innovative design.
    • Easy installation.
    • Low weight and volume.
    • High impact-resistant cover.
    • Water and dust resistant (IP 65).
    • Complies with CE regulations.
    • Auto-stop of the pump when the valve is performing a position change.
    • Hydraulic safety valve: Optional safety system against possible power failures that may coincide with a change of position.


    The "System Vrac" automatic selector valve is easily adaptable to any filter on the market and assembly is quick and easy.

    Technology and design

    An attractive design will enhance the look of your technical room and give it a modern feel. The technology incorporated in these valves will also save you time allowing you to enjoy your pool more.

    New analog pressure sensor

    • Easy programming of the wash cycle start pressure value - Push of a button.
    • Avoid corrosion - No metal elements.
    • Best with Fluidra Connect Box - System VRAC Basic III configuration: 
    • Information on current valve pressure.
    • Pressure value to start the flushing cycle.
    • Real-time information on the behavior of the filtration system.


    Provided with an integrated programmer keyboard with which we can access to perform the following operations:

    • Filtration: It starts operating when it receives the order of a timer installed in the control panel or any other externally programmed order.
    • Washing: It enters automatically by pressure switch signal, with washing frequency through the keyboard (weekly, daily, OFF), i.e. by time and pressure switch.
    • Rinse: It is performed automatically after each wash.
    • Circulation: Press button to activate this function.
    • Close: Press button to isolate the pump inlet from the outlets.
    • Draining: It is performed by means of the push button, which positions the valve and must be confirmed through the control cabinet. This feature prevents accidental emptying.
    • Wash button and informative LED.
    • Includes MODBUS communications protocol for operation and monitoring.

    Multiport valves data sheet


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