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Welcome to the future of pool cleaning with Fairland, where innovation combines with convenience to bring you a unique experience. Our range of pool cleaners has revolutionized pool care, highlighting market-leading cordless models such as the InverX M60, InverX 30 and InverX 80.

The InverX M60 is the perfect choice for those looking for cordless efficiency. This cordless model not only offers thorough cleaning, but also eliminates the hassle of cords, providing unparalleled freedom of movement. Designed with the latest technology, the InverX M60 adapts to different types of pools, ensuring optimal performance in every corner.

If you're looking for exceptional performance in a compact unit, the InverX 30 is your ideal ally. This cordless pool cleaner combines power and versatility to ensure your pool looks pristine at all times. Its smart design and ability to negotiate obstacles make the InverX 30 a reliable choice for effortlessly keeping your pool in top condition.

For those who want the ultimate in pool cleaning technology, the InverX 80 stands out as Fairland's flagship. This advanced wireless pool cleaner not only provides deep, efficient cleaning, but also incorporates smart features such as automatic navigation and remote connectivity. With the InverX 80, you can control and monitor your pool cleaning from the convenience of your mobile device, taking maintenance management to the next level.

In short, Fairland's InverX M60, InverX 30 and InverX 80 models represent the pinnacle of wireless pool cleaning technology. Turn your pool care into a hassle-free experience and enjoy peace of mind with these innovative pool cleaners. Discover the freedom of efficient maintenance with Fairland, leaders in pool cleaning for the modern lifestyle.

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