GRE cleaners

Active filters

GRE pool cleaners are robotic devices specifically designed to efficiently clean and maintain pools. These automated robots are equipped with advanced features and technologies that make them popular with pool owners.

GRE pool cleaners use high-powered motors and brushes to remove dirt, debris and algae from the bottom, walls and waterline of the pool. Some models are also equipped with rotating brushes that help to descale dirt and deposits accumulated on surfaces.

These robots are designed to cover the entire pool surface efficiently.They use smart algorithms and sensors to map the area and follow an optimal cleaning path. Some models even feature GPS navigation systems that allow them to record and repeat cleaning patterns for even more precise performance.

GRE cleaners are also equipped with high-capacity filtration systems. They use fine-mesh filters to capture small particles, such as sand and dust, as well as leaves and other larger debris. This improves water quality while reducing the load on the main pool filtration systems.

Most GRE pool cleaners are self-contained and run on rechargeable batteries. They can be set to work in programmed cycles or even controlled via mobile apps, providing added convenience and control.

Benefits of buying GRE pool cleaners

GRE pool cleaners are automatic robots designed to efficiently clean and maintain pools. These devices offer several outstanding benefits.

  • Their powerful motor and brushes allow them to clean the bottom, walls and water line of the pool effectively. This ensures thorough cleaning of debris and dirt.
  • GRE pool cleaners save time and effort. By automating the cleaning process, users do not have to perform the task manually, as with a vacuum cleaner or brush. The GRE is simply placed in the water and turned on, while the device takes care of cleaning the pool.
  • GRE cleaners offer convenience. As stand-alone devices, they do not require constant supervision. Once in operation, you can perform other tasks or relax while the robot cleans. In addition, some GRE models have programmable functions, allowing regular cleaning schedules to be set according to user preferences.
  • GRE pool cleaners use advanced filtration systems to trap debris and maintain water quality. Some models have high capacity filters and multiple levels of filtration, capturing fine particles, leaves and insects present in the pool water. This reduces the need to clean pool filters frequently and improves overall water quality.

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