Aquasphere Cleaners

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Why buy Aquasphere pool cleaners?


The Aquasphere brand robots are the result of the collaboration between two major brands in the market, such as Zodiac and Aquasphere. They are pool cleaners that offer a basic performance, to meet the minimum needs when cleaning the pool. They offer optimum coverage in simple, square or round pools and can work on all types of surfaces: liner, gresite, polyester, etc. It is the ideal choice for small or medium-sized pools, with a simple shape and looking to clean the bottom and walls in a basic and simple way.

Filtration for absolute cleanliness


Aquasphere cleaners feature a high-capacity filtration system that is one of their unique and distinctive features. This system is designed to capture very small dirt particles and debris, even down to 2 microns, ensuring a thorough cleaning of the pool.

This high level of filtration is especially important for the health and safety of pool users, as it can remove bacteria, algae and other contaminants that can build up in the water. In addition, this filtration system helps to keep the pool water crystal clear and sparkling, making it more attractive and enjoyable to swim in.

Another advantage of the high filtration capacity of Aquasphere pool cleaners is that they reduce the workload on the pool's filtration system. This means that the pool filtration system can last longer before requiring maintenance and therefore reduces long-term maintenance costs.




Range of robots tailored to your needs


ASR 150 range

The ASR 105 is an economical model, but not a robot with few functions. It goes up to the waterline and therefore offers a complete cleaning of the pool, a feature that, combined with its price makes it a very interesting model for a buyer looking for a performance but simple robot.

  • Robot for pools of up to 9x4 meters maximum dimensions

  • Cleaning cycle of 2,5 hours

  • Ultra lightweight, weighing only 7kg the cleaner is easy to transport and store

  • The robot has 2 motors, including suction and traction

  • High capacity filter, the filter has a volume of 3 liters and a filtration of 150 microns



    Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaners



    What is an electric pool cleaner?

    Electric cleaners are devices that work silently. They are easy to store and transport. The work cycles are very reduced and have a lower energy consumption than that normally needed to operate the pool filtration equipment, etc... There are only advantages!

    In addition, they have an intelligent navigation system and make a complete map of your pool, so that no corner will be left uncleaned. They sweep and absorb all the dirt depositing it in the basket or bag of the electric pool cleaner. This deposit where the dirt accumulates, is easily accessible, facilitating its extraction and cleaning. They are silent and suitable for any type of pool, although they are ideal for medium or large pools that accumulate a lot of dirt and require thorough cleaning.

    Which pool cleaner best suits my needs?

    Pool cleaners are those devices that help us to keep our pools in the best conditions. Robotic pool cleaners have evolved over the years, so much so that they are intelligent robots capable of cleaning pools in a great way and saving a lot of time. There are both hydraulic pool cleaners and electric pool cleaning robots, which have the ability to suck up any particle, no matter how small it may be. These devices are indispensable in the cleaning of our pool, whether it is a traditional pool or a removable pool.

    Despite this, often the doubt arises ... Which of all these cleaners to choose? In Brico&Pool there are different cleaners, each with the necessary characteristics for different pools. They are very modern robotic pool cleaners, which have a dream quality, perfect for you. We must take into account the characteristics of our pool to define the type of cleaner needed for it.

    If you have doubts when choosing the robot cleaner to buy, do not hesitate to contact our specialists. You can do it by call, mail or whatsapp, we love to help, we will answer as quickly as possible!

    If I buy an Aquasphere cleaner, how long does it take to arrive at my home?

    When you buy online, the desire to have the product with us are many, and in Brico&Pool we take this into account. You can order from any corner of Spain (peninsula and islands), and shipping is totally free. To find out how long shipping will take, you have to take two things into account: If the product is in stock, the delivery time is 24/48h, and you can enjoy your Aquasphere pool cleaner!

    If the product is not in stock at the time of purchase, the delivery time is approximately 14 days, you can call us or write us by chat.


    The robot has a 3-year warranty offered by the manufacturer according to Royal Decree-Law 7/2021, April 27th. You can see the warranty conditions in the warranty document included in the documents section.

    The warranty is offered by the manufacturer and the manufacturer is responsible for the repair or replacement of the product as long as the customer makes a correct use of the product following the specifications and guidelines indicated by the manufacturer*

    *The correct functioning and performance of all the functions of the robot both at the bottom and in the rise of walls is not guaranteed as long as the pH level is not correct, contains slime or algae or the filters are saturated by excessive dust and dirt, and a total cleaning of the filtration basket has not been previously performed, in addition to any pool with irregular wall surfaces such as ribs, including pool steps.*

    Advantages of buying Aquasphere pool cleaners at Brico&Pool

    Brico&Pool offers many advantages when shopping for pool products. We tell you about them!

    • Simplifies the cleaning process, maintenance and repair of swimming pools

    • It is valid for all types of pools.

    • It is a programmable electrical system that works through an app

    • It is very easy to to use

    • Its technology and innovation make it much more effective and durable. it much more effective and long-lasting

    As you can see, the Aquasphere pool cleaner brand is ideal for the correct maintenance of your pool and all its new products are worth the money. We are sure that with this choice, you will never regret it.